Suzanne B. Simpson

Author | Licensed Psychotherapist | Coach

About Suzanne B. Simpson

Today I can say that I am experiencing freedom having learned to truly love myself.

It hasn’t always been this way.

There were times when I was discouraged wondering what the path was to regain my mental and physical well-being.

While I suffered no direct abuse in my family, I experienced an absence of good nurturing and a father that I felt connected to that made me feel loved. I was determined to win my parents’ approval by striving for success, which led me down a high-achiever path.

Consequently, I took work so seriously that I found myself stressed out, with chronic fatigue and depression. Much of it I believe was my lack of self-compassion that got disguised by lots of drive to perform.

Many people don’t know how to find their way.

They have been subject to more traditional approaches that may not integrate their faith into the process. The church provided great Biblical teaching but left out how we flesh out our emotions. As a highly sensitive soul, I longed to understand how Christ could help me navigate through my pain. I desired to feel more self-assured and compassionate with myself.

It wasn’t until I experienced Jesus as a loving partner that I was able to truly feel His acceptance and learn to love myself. Now He is my all and all!

My challenges in life

have been no different from many of you whose life traumas have left them discouraged and insecure. Both my husband, Les, and I have shared from a place of vulnerability, so you too can experience that freedom.

Early in my 30s, I received biblical training through Campus Crusade. Since 2020, I have been involved in leadership for Bible studies at Colorado Church. I have gained insight through spirit-led people through the years that offered great spiritual teaching on living a life relationally with Christ.

I have counseled a multitude of people

through my 30 years of practice. I also spent multiple years coaching through Anthony Robbins Corporation where I facilitated breakthroughs with people around the world. More recently I received training in Heart Sync and have the qualification as a Heart Sync Minister. This training allows the heart to bring synchronization to the hurt parts of your heart.

The title of my book, Lost and Restored, was birthed out of the desire to share Jesus’ love through inspirational testimonies, counseling methods, and inner healing. I have fleshed out my own inadequacies bringing true hope and freedom.

I want to remind you that God wants to embrace all parts of our hearts and walk alongside us as a good “Papa” through our life’s struggles.